• Our Staff

    “Our staff team is the single most important element within our home. They set the standards of care and create the atmosphere that a home needs. It is they that make our residents feel safe, happy, engaged and most importantly loved. This starts with us the owners and Kate but is ultimately delivered by our amazing team. It has taken us over 8 years but we finally have team that we can be very proud of. Our incredibly low staff turnover is proof that we have a happy team. This is so very key to our residents and families who need to see a face they know and trust.” - Kam Sisodia.

    All 30 of our staff have a set list of mandatory training which must be completed before starting their job role. This is part of a thorough Induction stage which includes a full CRB check. We believe that each member of staff has a certain skill set and we try to use that and channel them in that direction. We strongly believe that a carer should be able to concentrate on Care. Activities staff should be dedicated to just activities. A Cleaner should be able to clean, the kitchen to cook and so on. Having said this we train all of our staff to do all jobs so firstly they can all work together as a team and secondly, so that we are never short staffed in any area of our care. 
    No agency & all local

    We encourage staff training as much as possible by paying staff for their time and for the training itself. We also have pay incentives to reward our staff for their qualifications. A schedule of refresher courses is then put in place to ensure that learning is always up to date and available.
    Mandatory training includes: Moving & Handling, Infection Control, Fire safety Awareness, Protection of Vulnerable adults, First Aid, Food Hygiene
    Further Training includes: Dementia Awareness, Health & Safety, Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Act, Death Dying & Bereavement, Care & Administration of Medication

    Staff NVQ Diplomas:
    Three staff Level Diploma 5
    Nine staff Level Diploma 3
    Seven staff Level Diploma 2
    100% Care Staff have Diplomas

    Staff Lists:

      • Directors:                                        Dr. R. Sisodia (Hons) MCOptom OD (Can), Mr. K. Sisodia Bsc (Hons)
      • Manager:                                        Virgie Santiago.
      • Deputy Manager:                       
      • Senior Care:                                   Jean Stanhope, Alison Roberts, Jessica Lee,
      • Care:                                                 Lisa Berry, Sam Naylor, Kayliegh Bate, Marion Worrel, Marie Smith.
      • Night Care:                                     Angela Millerchip, Julie Mansfield, Sam Jones, Wendy Harris.
      • Activities:                                        Shreena Francis, Emma Hickson,
      • Apprentices:                                  Amy Glennister, Craig Jenkins.                  
      • Head Cook:                                    Adelaide Edgerton.
      • Cook/Assistant:                            Teresa Jones, Sheila Nunn, Jenny Framey.
      • Head Housekeeper:                   Tracey Harding
      • Housekeeping:                             Tina Challinor, Christine Shelmodine, Susan Burgess,
      • Laundry:                                          Joy Jefferies.
      • Maintenance:                               Brian Barclay.
      • Hair & Beauty:                               June Jones.



Home Manager:
Virgie Santiago

Our Care:
Caring for adults over 65 years

Telephone us:
01939 232620

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